GAINSWave Therapy

A Breakthrough Solution For Men Seeking Better Erections and That Want To Optimize Sexual Performance.

What is GAINSWave?

The GAINSWave is an FDA cleared, scientifically proven, 20 minute, non-invasive technique that utilizes low frequency pulse waves to treat Erectile Dysfunction (commonly known as ED,) by optimizing erections, sensitivity, and sexual performance. For decades researchers have studied treatments similar to the Gainswave in Europe where it is known as extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT), a technology that has been used extensively by urology for the treatment of kidney stones. ESWT for Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Performance is still new to the U.S., however, preliminary studies are demonstrating that 80% of men are benefiting from these treatments.

Who can benefit from GAINSWave?

Basically, any man seeking optimization in sexual performance, that is, harder erections that are easier to attain. You do not need to be suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) or any other condition to benefit from the GAINSWave. If you are looking to perform your best and to satisfy your lover like never before, GAINSWave can help! GAINSWave has been proven to help men of all ages with sexual performance. In summary:

  • Enhances Erections
  • Improves Sexual Performance
  • Increases Sensation in the penis
  • More Spontaneous erections
  • Better orgasms

How does GAINSWave work?

GAINSWave technology works by sending low frequency pulse wave energy into the blood vessels supplying the penis. These acoustic waves increase blood flow by breaking up plaque which may be forming on blood vessels as well as stimulating growth factors which help to increase blood supply and nitric oxide to the penis. In addition, the GAINSWave procedure stimulates the growth of new nerve tissue in the penis. The end result is healthier blood supply, increase nerve supply and more nitric oxide production to the penis which results in easier to achieve and harder erections. Also, this pulse wave therapy has the ability to “wake-up” dormant stem cells in the penis, which can lead to enhanced tissue growth and improved erectile dysfunction. In other words, GAINSWave therapy may also increase the size of your penis.

GAINSWave® Featured on The Doctors Show

Breakthrough ED Therapy Featured on The Doctors Show

GAINSWave® Testimonials

Hear what patients have to say about GAINSWave

GAINSWave Certified Nurse Practitioner, Jeanne Goley

Jeanne M. Goley MSN, APRN FNP-c ACNP-b

Jeanne is a Board Certified Family and Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. Jeanne completed her undergraduate studies at Western Governors University and later pursued her Masters of Science in Nursing from the University of South Alabama. She has 30 years of nursing experience with a focus on Emergency Medicine, Trauma and Acute Care surgery. In recent years Jeanne has developed a passion for Medical Aesthetics, Sexual Health and wellness, IV nutritional therapy and bio-identical hormones, PRP treatments. In her role as Medical Director at a Manchester Medical Spa she was a preceptor to Dartmouth Medical School family practice residents and has also been a preceptor to aesthetic students and nurses who are interested in the medical aesthetics field.


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